Famous Greek Artists

Odysseus Elytis

24 FEBRUARY 2017
Odysseus Elytis is considered Greece’s national poet alongside poets such as Homer and Seferis. He was born Odysseus Alepoudelis on the island of Crete in 1911, yet changed his name to avoid any association with his .... [...]

Famous Greek Artists

The Life of Maria Callas

01 JUNE 2016
It is very difficult to speak of the voice of Callas. Her voice was a very special instrument. Something happens sometimes with string... [...]

Famous Greek Artists

Theofilos: The Great Greek Artist You Have Probably Never Heard Of

25 MAY 2016
In June of 1961 the famous Greek poet and Nobel winner Odysseas Elytis was casually walking in the busy streets of Paris when ... [...]

Famous Greek Artists

Nikos Kazantzakis

17 MAY 2016
Traveler, philosopher, translator, novelist, poet; it is hard to paint the verbal portrait of Nikos Kazantzakis, a writer that shook... [...]

Famous Greek Artists

Artists That Shaped Greece

07 FEBRUARY 2016
I wish there was a way to transcend the difficulties in translation and transmit the very essence of the poetry and stories of Greece.
Such a magic means has yet to be discovered and poets like
Odisseas Elitis...  [...]