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Greek Entrepreneurship

22 FEBRUARY 2016
Greece has never been a wealthy country. From the ancient years survival has been a struggle for Greeks... [...]

Famous Greek Artists

Artists That Shaped Greece

07 FEBRUARY 2016
I wish there was a way to transcend the difficulties in translation and transmit the very essence of the poetry and stories of Greece.
Such a magic means has yet to be discovered and poets like
Odisseas Elitis...  [...]

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Happy New Year!

04 JANUARY 2016
The coming of the new year is celebrated with grandeur all around the world. People put aside their differences and preoccupations and prepare eagerly to celebrate one of the most special days of the year... [read more] [...]

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Dates Of Upcoming Trips

29 DECEMBER 2015
Booking for two of our upcoming trips is now open! Prepare for a unique, hands-on experience in Greece...


Definitely Holidays

20 DECEMBER 2015
Christmas is, undoubtedly, a blessed time of joy and the celebration of Christ’s birth for people all around the world.  In Greece, Christmas is a time for family gatherings around the long standing traditions of the Orthodox faith ......