Famous Greek Artists

Odysseus Elytis

24 FEBRUARY 2017
Odysseus Elytis is considered Greece’s national poet alongside poets such as Homer and Seferis. He was born Odysseus Alepoudelis on the island of Crete in 1911, yet changed his name to avoid any association with his .... [...]


The Water Spot!

19 FEBRUARY 2017
There is a small, hidden paradise in Crete set amidst the flowing waters of mountain streams and babbling brooks which will create in you a feeling of calm that leaves you with the image of lying next to ... [...]

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The Cretan Time Capsule Of Faith & Religion.

17 FEBRUARY 2017

The Monasteri of Arkadi will transport its lucky visitor hundreds of years back in time and will tell him stories of religion, architecture and war....


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Mount Olympus: A Mythical Experience

10 FEBRUARY 2017
Mount Olympus is arguably the most famous mountain in the world thanks to Zeus and his godly associates. Mt. Olympus is the home of the gods of Greek Mythology and thus, is the main reason for... [...]

Food and Wine

The Greek breakfast...and then some...

16 JANUARY 2017
The Greek breakfast...and then some... [...]