Vamos Village - Fabrica

What will make your trip with us unique and memorable? Well, a great many things, yet our primary goal is to provide you with an authentic and unforgettable experience in our beautiful homeland. We want to offer you the exclusive opportunities that are usually enjoyed only by the locals. To put it simply, we want to spoil you because you deserve to be spoilt and unwind after a busy year, and Greece is a land that will spoil you with sights, smells and tastes like none other.

Our personal knowledge and relationship with the experts and the locals enables us to present to you an insightful and philosophical perspective of Greece. You can depend on us to make your trip the memory a lifetime.

Below are some examples of exclusive activities you can experience throughout your trip, especially on the island of Crete in collaboration with our associate and friend Nikos Frantzeskakis:

The first activity is what we call Symposium. Following the example of our ancestors; a Symposium is a warm welcome to the Cretan way of living.

The participants will be guided into this experience by a moderator/philosopher, and will become familiar with the cuisine, culture, philosophy and music of Crete. Open up all your senses to better receive the information, tastes and sounds of the past and present. Together we will bake “pites” - the traditional Greek pies, prepare dolmades (wine leaves filled with rice and herbs) and natural cosmetics as well as participate in seasonal activities like picking grapes or olives.

Another experience is what Cretans call Lazy Day.

During such days we will visit the local bakery and grocery store on our way to Fabrica, an old, picturesque, partly renovated olive mill. There, we will prepare several appetizers (mezedes) and main dishes. We’ll learn all there is to know about olive oil varieties and the philosophy behind Cretan food.

The person behind these authentic and well organised projects and ideas is Nikos Frantzeskakis. His personal dream is realised in Vamos Village, a restored traditional village in Crete where all these activities will take place and which promotes ethical, sustainable eco-tourism and agro-tourism. As stated in their website, there you will find a warm hospitality and you will enjoy the traditional Cretan atmosphere of village life and taste the best food and wine that you can imagine.

It is true that Greeks are, in their stunning majority, a very hospitable people. Wherever you go in this country you will meet people who will go out of their way to make you feel at home, yet on Crete this feeling is ever more prevalent. Among the locals, you will indeed be spoiled. They love their island with a passion and are always ready to share the best this blessed island has to offer to visitors. There is a rough, yet wholesome, beauty in Crete, in the land and the people and it never fails to enchant in its simplicity and lack of pretense. Nikos is a characteristic embodiment of the Cretan ideals. He doesn’t have a secret marketing technique for success. He is an authentic example of Greek hospitality, a worthy successor of his ancient forefathers.