Nikos Frantzeskakis

Nikos Frantzeskakis is the President of the Agrotourism Association in Greece and also President of the Agrocultural Cretan Coop Vamos Village.

Ten years ago, he was part of a group of visionaries who established one of the fist agrotourist villages in Greece. Against all odds, with no external financial support, and little more than their own passion to drive them forward, they managed to offer a premium agrotourism experience; soon Vamos Village became a favourite destination for thousands of visitors.

Nikos himself has clarified in an interview that "...being an agrotourist means to become part of the traditions and culture of the place you're visiting" and adds "..visitors become familiar with and participate in different meaningful [agricultural] activities", such as gathering olives or visiting an organic farm and gathering fruit and vegetables of the highest quality. 

For Nikos culture is an integral part of sustainable growth and development; this is namely the reason why, according to its President, " Vamos Village nature and culture are intertwined", and events such as book fairs, concerts and cooking lessons are only few among the many cultural options available to visitors.